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Some of our achievements


Acclimatization of blackthorn to drought

Objective: optimize the growth conditions of the plants favoring their recovery in the soil and allowing their acclimatization to water stress

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Acceleration of centella asiatica runner production

Objective: define the optimal growth conditions to accelerate the production of centella asiatica runners

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Installation of a culture chamber for the production of the hotel-restaurant Le Tillau ****

Objective : deployment of a culture chamber meeting the plant needs of a gourmet restaurant with 35 seats

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Recreate an 18th century olfactory garden

Objective: production of 18th century perfume plants to create a visitor experience in the Ferney Voltaire castle, in association with the Centre des Monuments Historiques.

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Industrial production machine for vineyard nurseries

Objective: Stratification and growth of grafted vine plants to improve vigor and increase the success rate of transplantation in Champagne plots

Vigne avec racine.JPG
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Assessment of salt stress sur the tomato
Project in collaboration with the establishment Henry IV

Objective: Assessing the quality of cherry tomatoes after salt stress

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Food industry

Securing the wild strawberry industry in France

Objective: deployment of a growing room to meet the plant needs of a 35-seat gourmet restaurant

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In-vitro forestry plant propagation

Objective: Multiplication of frost resistant eucalyptus plants produced in laboratory by FCBA with habituation to environmental stress by Farm3

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Entrust us with your phenotyping problems

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Stress study

Analysis of the impact of stress and the development of resistance

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Organic qualification

Comparative efficiency test: 
biostimulant, fertilizer, substrate

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Plant design

Promote the level of a molecule (active ingredient, aroma, sugar, etc.)

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Hardware qualifications

Comparative efficiency test: 
light, Hvac, sensors, ...

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Isolation of clones and varieties of interest

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Optimization of performance and profitability

Implementation of the technology adapted to your needs

Identification of the problem and implementation of the experimentation in our facilities

Design technologies adapted to your needs and simulation of the economic and ecological profitability of your future plant factory

Support and deployment of your tailor-made and turnkey plant factory.
Automation by our SaaS and maintenance equipment

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