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Miracle teas !

Updated: Mar 20, 2023


Herbs are our best allies !

To flavour our meals and to treat us, herbs

are very useful in our daily life!

In this blog, discover the health benefits of

herbs found in our FarmCubes

and our ideas for infusions!

Common basil

Farm3 Common basil

In order to flavour the food, basil also has many virtues for the health, like digestive and bactericidal virtues, that is to say that it eliminates the bacteria. Its most amazing quality is to keep mosquitoes away.

Lemon balm

Farm3 Lemon balm

Since old Greece, lemon balm has been used against stomach aches.

It also promotes sleep and would fight nervousness and anxiety, with its active substances such as rosmarinic acid with anti-inflammatory properties.


Farm3 Rosemary

Rosemary is known to relieve digestion and stomach aches. It also helps to heal scars and treat joint and muscle pain, with the presence of phenolic acids.


Farm3 Thyme

It is the dried leaves and flowers that contain the active ingredients of thyme, traditionally used to fight against stomach aches this plant is also used to clear the airways and calm the cough.


Farm3 Dill

Part of the Apiaceae family, dill is often used in cooking but what we know less is that dill has been used for centuries in Ayuverdic medicine. The essential oil of the seed, for example, has anti pasmodic virtues allowing to improve digestion and to calm intestinal intestinal pains (colic), it also allows the stimulation of lactation

for the mother.


Farm3 Peppermint

Its antispasmodic and decongestant properties are formidable during nausea or respiratory affections. With its sedative and calming properties it also relieves muscular pains.

Lettuce Saint Antoine

Farm3 Lettuce Saint Antoine

Very low in calories (14 kcal/100g), the Saint Antoine lettuce is rich in fibers, thus facilitating digestion. It is also rich in vitamin A, fighting against skin aging and allowing the maintenance of a good vision, vitamin B9 which is necessary for the formation of blood cells and the functioning of the nervous system.

To finish, vitamin K1 which allows a normal

blood coagulation.


Our infusion ideas

Infusions are for some considered as "grandma's remedies"

but they are still in vogue. Their effects are mainly based

on the active ingredients of the plants

Lemon balm-basil infusion, to sleep well !

Lemon balm and basil are two aromatic herbs

known for their sedative virtues, they

calm nervous tension. All you have to do is let

a few fresh leaves in a cup of boiling water.

It is preferable to drink the infusion in the evening,

before going to go to bed. Lemon balm brings a subtle

lemony taste.

• Rosemary-thyme Infusion, to detoxify!

Known to be medicinal aromatic plants,

thyme and rosemary have been used for their health benefits

since Antiquity. Known for their detox properties,

antiseptic and immunity stimulating properties, they purify the liver

and help with digestion problems. The ideal is to to infuse the dried

leaves by adding honey. The infusion can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

• Dill-mint infusion, for the digestion!

Known to help intestinal transit and digestion,

dill helps to clean the intestines naturally.

Concerning mint, the great health ally

promotes digestion and provides vitamins and minerals.

To take advantage of these virtues, you just have to dip

a few fresh dill and mint leaves in boiling water.

Thanks to Julie Fiscus, a pharmacist graduated from the Claude Bernard University in Lyon, for her precious medicinal information on aromatic plants.


Share your infusion ideas !

You can buy Farm3 herbs at the Boutique du Tillau in Pontarlier.

Or come and taste them during one of our visits!

Our herbs are grown on site and are optimized to bring out their natural flavors.

Fresh mint infusion

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