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Farm3 in Villa Blu

Farm3 was present in the town of Grasse from September 24 to 28 to celebrate the arrival of new start-ups from the second Villa Blu by Robertet graduating class.

On site, we were fortunate enough to meet a number of interesting newcomers to Farm3, as well as a number of collaborative projects.

As a reminder, last June, Farm3 had the opportunity to be chosen from among a hundred start-ups to be part of the first promotion of Villa Blu by Robertet.

Villa Blu is a structure focusing on visionary natural and sustainable projects. Their mission is to support projects focused on nature and the environment. This initiative is supported by the Robertet Group and other carefully selected strategic partners.

Villa Blu offers a unique ecosystem that facilitates the connection between the industrial world and the new economy of start-ups, creating numerous opportunities.

Villa Blu's goal is to create an environment conducive to innovation and the development of projects focused on sustainability and environmental impact. By collaborating with key partners, this structure offers startups financial support, strategic advice and essential resources for their growth.

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