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Farm3 signs up for France Relance 2030

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Farm3 signs up for France Relance 2030

France 2030 is an investment plan for the France of tomorrow. It consists of 10 objectives for better understanding, better living and better production by 2030.

As a result of the innovation competitions, where Farm3 became an i-Nov winner with its specialised tree nursery, the winners have mobilised for France 2030.

The tribune France Relance 2030, set up by Bruno Bonnell, General Secretary for Investment in charge of France 2030, Thomas Lesueur, General Commissioner and Interministerial Delegate for Sustainable Development and Antoine Peillon, General Secretary for Ecological Planning, and its members, winners of the 2022 innovation competitions, are working together to find solutions to reduce the negative impact of our actions on the environment and to support the ecological transition in the long term. The challenge of reducing energy consumption, for example, is crucial. This is why the winning entrepreneurs and experts of the State's innovation competitions are mobilised. This begins with a reduction in energy intensity in all sectors of the signatory companies, to achieve energy sobriety in everyday life. And thus to see a -40% reduction in energy consumption within 30 years.

We are very proud to be among the co-signatories of the France Relance 2030 platform, and to contribute to a better sustainable future.

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