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Farm3 got the AgriO Label

Farm3 got the AgriO Label

We are proud to announce that FarmCube has been awarded the AgriO label. The AgriO French Tech Seed label is a thematic label delivered by experts of the agricultural, agro-industrial or food industry to young companies with high potential.

The label rewards:

Excellence (the innovative nature of the project, the quality of the intellectual property protection and the freedom of exploitation...).

Impact (the vision, the elements that create long-term value, the market size, the potential socio-economic benefits, the environmental benefits...).

Implementation (the investment-ready nature of the project, the quality of the team, the ability to penetrate the target market and create value quickly, the consideration of regulatory or normative constraints, the identification of the first potential partners and customers...).

It also allows us to join the big family of French Tech.

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