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Laureate of the i-Nov competition

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

On Monday, July 4, the awards ceremony for the i-PhD, i-Lab and i-Nov innovation competitions, sponsored by BPI France and the PIA, took place. The i-Nov program is financed by the France 2030 plan, which aims to select innovative projects with high potential for the French economy. i-Nov promotes the development of highly innovative and technological companies that are eco-responsible and work towards a sustainable society.

During the competition, Farm3 presented FarmTree, a vertical farm for forestry and viticulture, adapted to the challenges of climate change.

We are very proud to announce that Farm3 has been elected winner of the i-Nov section, in the theme "energy and ecological transition issues in industry and agriculture". Beyond the motivation that this national recognition brings, the financial contribution will allow us to develop faster.

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