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Let's meet in the gardens of Château de Voltaire

As part of our admission to the fifth promotion of the Heritage Incubator, Farm3 set up a project based around the "plant conservatory", in collaboration with the CMN.

This project has enabled us to produce in our facilities, in a controlled climate, plants that were particularly used in the 18th century for perfumery, such as lemon balm and patchouli.

During the "Rendez-vous aux jardins" on 2 and 3 June at the Château de Voltaire in the Ain region, Farm3 came to the site with the plants, and school groups were able to take part in workshops based around these plants. The workshops were designed to raise children's awareness of the importance of plants, with workshops on repotting and planting Farm3 plants in the château's gardens, board games, reading comics about agriculture and discovering herbariums.

These workshops were accompanied by a temporary exhibition on Farm3's experiments and the plants used in 18th-century perfumes.

You can discover the temporary exhibition until 17 September in the hall of the

Château de Voltaire. 1 allée du Château 01210 Ferney-Voltaire

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