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Paris Saclay Technology Showroom

A Farm3 prototype can be found at the Paris Saclay Technology Showroom, SATT PARIS SACLAY, Le Playground Paris-Saclay!

 Farm3 prototype at the Paris Saclay Technology Showroom

We are among the first 10 exhibitors selected to exhibit in the Showcase Corner, for a new experience of technological innovation. We are alongside EikoSim, Exotrail, FinX, Phyling, Quandela, SpaceSense, TheraPanacea, L'Oréal research & Innovation and TotalEnergies.

Paris Saclay Technology Showroom is a place to promote exchanges and stimulate collaboration between research and business players. And to promote one of the most important centers of higher education, scientific research and industrial innovation in Europe.

You can find more information here:

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